Wooden Dish Brush

Wooden Dish Brush

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The plastic-free, biodegradable alternative to dish brushes and scourers. This wooden dish brush is made from sustainable resources and when the bristles get old you can remove the head and replace it!
  • Replaces plastic dish brushes
  • Biodegradable, natural and plastic-free - no microplastics!
  • Non-scratch, even on non-stick pans
  • Made from beechwood with sisal bristles
  • Lasts for months
  • Replacement head not included but you can get one here

Why I love it?

Another non-toxic, plastic-free win for the kitchen, the wooden brush is made from sustainable, natural resources. This means that when you wash-up, no microplastics are released into our rivers and oceans. Once the bristles get old you can just remove the head and replace it. The brush is great for removing stubborn or burnt-on foods without scratching your pans or surfaces.

The EcoVibe Dish Brush is made from beechwood on the handle, stainless steel clip for the head and Sisal (cactus) fibre bristles.

Why swap?

Most of our everyday kitchen essentials are made using petroleum-based plastic, including the handy dish brush. This means that every time you wash up, micro-plastics are getting into our rivers and oceans. The plastic dish brush isn't recyclable or biodegradable, so once the bristles get old the whole brush is thrown away where it ends up in a landfill for hundreds of years. 

How to take care of your brush.

Use as normal. Prevent bacteria by keeping it dry between uses on your drying rack or hook. 100% biodegradable.

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